Protect. Prepare. Defend. Cybersecurity is a Top Priority for Companies.

Cyber-attacks are in the news almost daily. The ever-growing threat infuses nearly everything a business or a government entity does. Wherever your data resides, it’s at risk, and cybersecurity should become one of your top priorities.

Buchanan Breach Coach

Visit Buchanan BreachCoach® , your one-stop portal for cybersecurity information and updates.

How can you get ahead of it all? By proactively protecting your valuable internal and customer information, preparing for a breach should one occur, and responding effectively and efficiently to a breach when it does occur. Our team – with many years of experience mitigating risk and responding to breaches – helps to protect you and give you the confidence of knowing you have the right partner with the right experience to both protect and defend you.

Our multidisciplinary team includes a cross-section of core practices, including corporate , technology transactions , healthcare , financial services, intellectual property , labor & employment and litigation . Their combined skills and experience gives you coverage on all sides of cybersecurity.

Campaign Defense

Partnering with Campaign Defense for cybersecurity training & incident response for campaigns and advocacy organizations.