Behind Every Great Educational Institution are Great Education Attorneys

Today’s administrators, trustees and boards need experienced education lawyers who understand their constituencies, objectives and challenges. For decades, our education team has provided comprehensive legal representation to:

We have advised all of these organizations on such matters as:

  • Public schools and school districts.
  • Parochial and private schools.
  • Private colleges and universities.
  • Educational testing companies.
  • Other companies that provide services to public and private educational institutions.

We have advised all of these organizations on such matters as:

  • Financing
  • Labor & employment.
  • Constitutional rights.
  • Real estate.
  • Government contracts.
  • Technology
  • Intellectual property management and protection.
  • Federal and state compliance.
  • Student discipline
  • Litigation

The fact that our education attorneys have held many leadership positions for colleges and universities; have taught at colleges and universities and chaired schools and organizations within them; and have served as school directors, school board presidents, and in many other roles helps us better anticipate and address the legal needs of educational institutions of every type.